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Settlement Agents Perth

About Our Settlement Agency Company

We are a highly experienced and knowledgeable settlement agency

Offering boutique settlement services based in Joondanna

Not all Settlements Agencies are the same, but there is a reason we have been around since 1978.  Peacock Settlements is a fully licensed settlement agency where we manage, specialise, and provide a professional service specifically relating to property and land transactions all over Western Australia.

Settlements & Conveyancing

When conducting a property transaction, you are undertaking one of the biggest financial transactions of your life. With a decision like this, you must ensure your affairs are dealt with by a professional, whose experience and expertise will guide you. Our clients and their interests will always remain our top priority, whether they are first or future home buyers, experienced investors, or property developers.

We're reliable at providing excellent conveyancer services

We specialise in state-wide settlement of residential property, commercial property, and industrial property transactions. With more than 40 years of experience, our skilful team of experts are on call to ensure your settlement runs swiftly.

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Settlement Services

"Amazing staff! Very helpful and supportive with our recent house purchase. Thanks Shona and Rebecca!"

Why Choose Peacock Settlements?

At Peacock Settlements, we value the role of other organisations involved in the process and actively liaise with the real estate agent, building and strata inspectors, lenders and mortgage brokers; keeping them all informed throughout the whole process. Whether you’re looking to sell, or you’ve found the home of your dreams, make sure you call us first to answer any of your questions. We will talk you through the conveyancing process and advise you on costs that you may need to consider. We keep our clients informed every step of the way to make the transaction as stress-free as possible.

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Backed by wealth of knowledge spanning more than four decades, our client base continues to grow through referrals and repeat clients.

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An experienced team of settlement agents handle your matter in-house, from data entry to settlement there are no contractors or suppliers.

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Your property will always remain our focus. Whether you’re buying, selling, transferring, or refinancing your property, our aim is to be with you every step of the way with authenticity and efficiency. We pride ourselves on forming genuine client relationships and working with professionalism and integrity.

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You need to know what’s happening at all times of the settlement and feel comfortable with the people looking after you. We are open and transparent when it comes to every inch of your settlement, ensuring your questions and concerns are answered.



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Conveyancer & Settlements

Frequently Asked Questions

A settlement agent is a real estate professional trained to handle the transfer of property from a seller to a buyer. In Western Australia, all settlement agents are licensed by the Department of Commerce and receive annual professional development training to maintain a high standard of education and knowledge on changes that occur within the property industry.

When you appoint settlement agents, they work for you to ensure the settlement process is completed in a timely manner, that all conditions in the contract are satisfied, rates and taxes are adjusted between the seller and buyer, and any encumbrances on the title are dealt with prior to settlement.

While it’s completely your decision, buying and selling property can be a lengthy and complex process. Settlement requires a lot of financial, and often emotional involvement, and the consequences of not getting it done right can be devastating. Professional settlement agents will ensure all the necessary boxes are ticked. This includes transferring the title of the property along with all the rights, and notifying you of any restrictions or encumbrances.

A settlement agent can also help you navigate special conditions, like protection in the event of building or pest issues, and ensuring necessary maintenance or repairs are done before a settlement is completed.

In Western Australia, you can choose to represent yourself in a conveyancing process so you don’t necessarily need a settlement agent, but having someone that specialises in these professional conveyancing services can save you a lot of time, money and potential headaches.

We recommend choosing your own settlement agent that you trust to handle your transaction. Transparency and attention to detail are some of the key attributes of an agent who will serve your best interests. As one of the oldest and most reputable agencies in Perth, you can trust us at Peacock Settlements to ensure you get the best results.

After deciding to buy or sell a house, you’ll need to appoint a settlement agent to continue. You can choose someone to represent you in the settlement process, or your real estate agent may refer you to one if you haven’t appointed your own.

Look for trusted settlement agencies with a good reputation – consulting friends and family about agents they used previously may provide some useful recommendations. Once you’ve found an agent or agency you’re comfortable with, you should enquire so you know what to expect.

Phone us today on 9245 1500 or email for further information on our services and speak to our friendly and supportive team who can help assist you through the entire process.

Cost is a big consideration when deciding on a settlement agency, so it’s important to understand what you’re paying for.

A professional settlement fee covers the necessary costs of the settlement process, including preparation of documentation, ID checks, insurance costs, storage fees and postage and petties. Typically, it costs more when you’re buying than when you’re selling because of the extra work required.

Other fees may include office and administrative costs, title search fees, enquiry fees with the relevant authorities, stamp duty and registration fees associated with transferring land or property, and obtaining any necessary certificates. In some cases, extra work may be required which may also result in additional fees.

Referring to settlement agents will make it easier to anticipate costs associated to a rather challenging settlement.

A settlement agency, also known as a conveyancer, assists in the process of property transfer from one owner to another. They ensure all legal and regulatory obligations are met during a property transaction.

A settlement agency provides a range of services including but not limited to preparing necessary documents, conducting title searches, liaising with banks for loan payouts, attending settlement on your behalf, and ensuring a smooth transfer of property ownership.

You typically need a settlement agent when you are buying or selling property, subdividing land, updating a title, or changing the ownership structure of the title.

Fees can vary based on the complexity of the transaction, the value of the property, and the specific services provided. Always ensure you understand all fees before proceeding with a settlement agency.

While it’s not mandatory, it’s highly recommended due to the complex legal and regulatory requirements involved in property transactions. A settlement agent has the knowledge and experience to ensure the process goes smoothly.

You can check if the agency is licensed with the appropriate state authority, read client testimonials or reviews, and ask for recommendations from trusted sources.

Typically, you’ll need to provide personal identification documents, property details, the contract of sale, and details about your lender if you have a mortgage.

The length of the settlement process can vary, but in general, it may take between 30-90 days from the date of the contract. The exact timeline can depend on the specific terms of the contract and individual circumstances.

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